Social events 2016 and 2017 added

Growing up in South Africa

A talk by Valerie Francis

2-4pm at The Oak Tree Centre Harwich Rd, Colchester  on the 9th March  Entrance fee £6.00

As a child of 7 my parents emigrated to South Africa.  I will tell you a little bit about my life there before returning to England when I was 22.

After my talk there will be a chance to sample some South African food and drink.

I will talk a little about my education at primary and secondary schools, exploring parts of South Africa and holidays, as well as growing up South Africa. I am not going talk about politics unless anyone particularly wants me to as the child and teenager was more interested in playing sport! The facilities then were fantastic!

South African Food

Boerewors used to be available at the butcher in Red Lion Walk and I think I have also bought biltong there. Boerewors is lovely on the braai – a barbeque. Biltong is also available at Tesco’s and at South African shops in London. Bobotie recipes can be found ‘on-line’.

Please send a cheque to Bodo von Broen, 57 West Stockwell Street, COI IHE (Tel. 01206-543531) by Wednesday the 2nd March to book a place or phone him to confirm attendance.

Talk by the EU Commission

There will be a talk by the EU Commission about EU membership on the 6th April.   Thank you to those members who have said they would be interested in attending the talk which is to be organized by the Witham Twinning Association.   I will let you know details of the time and venue as soon as I have it.

Sadly this event will not now take place as a result of the EU Referendum.  Witham Twinning Association may try and arrange a meeting later on in the year when the debate is not so controversial.


Trip to Avignon

This will take place in the week of 14 to 20 November.  Ian McMeeken is organising the trip.

We  will probably travel out Tuesday 15th, Eurostar to Lille, TGV to Avignon; return Saturday 19th, Eurostar all the way, probably to Ashford. [NB, At November time, only one Eurostar all the way per week, on Saturdays]. Travel: Standard Premier or First Class throughout.

Probable visits on Wednesday and Friday; Thursday is the BIG DAY – launch of the new season’s Cote de Rhone.  even if we are unable to get to any official ceremonial, there is a lot going on all day- tasting, eating, dancing!

Although not an official Twinning Society visit, I hope many members will join us.  The trip will be open to councillors, Rotarians and ordinary citizens as well. I believe Theresa hopes to come, and possibly Julie Young (next year’s Mayor).

Details and costings will be published after Easter.

AGM – 28th April

This will be held in the magnificent Moot Hall as our usual venue is being renovated.  Our Mayor Theresa Higgins will be presiding over the event.  Her daughter, Caroline, has written a very interesting article on Twinning.  This can be accessed at

More details to follow later but I hope many of you will be able to attend.  There will be an opportunity to renew your membership or for any new members to join.  The usual snacks and a glass of wine or juice will be available.


20th January 2017

New Year Dinner at the Siege House in Colchester.  12.30 for 1pm.  Bookings to Bodo von Broen or Valerie Francis – More details to follow.

The Hildreths will be giving a talk on their visit to China in March – details to follow.

The AGM will be held in the Town Hall on the 27th April

Wine tasting will be held in May at the Mersea Vineyard.  Details to follow.