Introducing Wetzlar in Germany – twinned since 1969

Situated in the state of Hessen in Germany, Wetzlar is a town of some 50,000 inhabitants and stands on the banks of the River Lahn. The town is based on several hills and at its centre is the Altstadt (Old Town) – a mix of cobblestone market squares, narrow streets and half-timbered houses.Historically there are the remains of a medieval ring wall and at the town’s heart is it’s Cathedral. There have been churches at the site of the current cathedral since AD897 and the cathedral itself dates from the 12 th century.
Despite dating from the 12 th century, the building did not receive its cathedral status until 17 th century.The old and new parts of the town are joined by a bridge over the river. It is in the new part of the town the department stores can be found along with the bus and rail stations.

Among the businesses associated with the town are factories for Leitz who produce Leica cameras and Buderus, which produces cast iron and steel products.